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There’s a lot to say about sex chat software, some good, some bad. There are so many sex chat software options it would be tough to go into detail about each and every product, but here’s my rundown for you.

Basically you have a few different types of sex chat software and programs. If you are just wanting to become a web cam performer working through a chat affiliate portal, then the portal company will provide the necessary software for you to download and use to get on their system and start earning money from sex chat. If you are looking to setup your own sex through your own web site, then there are many more options.

If you are a webmaster, or web site owner and do not want to buy software for your own chat rooms, then you may want to sign up as a webmaster affiliate with one of these portals.

For text only sex chat there are a few good java and php based chat programs that can run on your web server, options run from free and basic to $600 or more for good solid text chat programs. If you are looking to provide your own video sex chat through your web site(s), then there are also many options, from cheap to several thousand dollars. If you already have a web site set up, and have billing software running and just need to add a live video stream, then you can use basic software like windows media encoder or some of the cheap scripts that are out there. Bandwidth and multiple connections can eat up your hosting limits quickly with multiple live video sex chat being viewed, so be prepared to pay some hefty fees when you get multiple watching your stream at the same time.

There are also sex chat programs that an individual user can use, and some free communities that offer sex chat cams like yahoo messenger, stickam or paltalk. Be aware that some of these services have terms that will get you banned for using them for professional or paid usages.

The best chat program I have found for providing video sex chat comes from 2much, they have been in the video streaming game for a long time, and are an excellent company all the way around. Excellent code, lots of billing and statistics options, and they even have a network where you choose to share your feed with other independent web sites if you choose and rev share money that way. It’s a robust software package from people who really know the business. At one point chat software programs like this cost $250,000. Not too long ago the package from 2much was $12,000 – but now they have released three different versions starting around $300 per month or around $3,000 plus $125 per month for hosting. This is a killer deal.
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Sex chat software
Sex chat software

At this time I do not have the time to type all the details about the various sex chat software options. I will post more later, and if you are having a software issue you can contact me for assistance. Or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to ya when I get back to this site.

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