Sex Chat Guru Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make doing live sex chat?

Well thousands.. the question is, will you make thousands in months or in a week?
The amount of money girls earn varies depending upon a lot of factors. Your internet connection speed will affect the money you earn just as much, if not more than a lot of time on makeup and tanning. There are so many factors that contribute to how much money you can earn. How fast you get someone onto a private room can have a dramatic effect on money per hour as well. What day of the week you are online and what the current weather in differnt parts of the world can affect your pay.

With all that in mind, (and more when we think to add it), the average sex chat girl earns a few hundred bucks in a day or night. There are plenty of girls who are earning more and many that earn less. There are fortunately many things you can do that will increase your sales.

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Will I be getting a lot of perverts who just want to see me fist fuck my ass?

I am sure you will find a few of those guys online in pretty much any chat room, however, the majority of paid sex chat clients are looking for interaction, talk, chat and happy eyes and smiles. It the entire online entertainment experience that gets people to spend money online, providing great eyes and conversation will get you far in the sex chat industry. Sure a lot of guys want to talk about sex and the chat can get kind of dirty, but you never have to do anything you don’t want to do. If you are not comfortable with anal, don’t do any. You may have some guys who would watch more (which means you earn more) if you do more and more, but there are plenty of fish in the sea, and it doesn’t take many to eat well in this pond.

How do I make money doing live sex chat?

There are several ways to earn money doing live sex chat online. I have devoted a page to affiliate programs which has a list of cam service providers. You could set up your own independent service and or join an independent cam girl network as well. There are many ways to bill clients and advertise online. The easiest way is to get your hardware set up, and then sign up to have your cam broadcast on an affiliate site. When you are a cam girl on an affiliate sight you get instant exposure on hundreds of other web sites. Read more.

More very important considerations about live sex chat.
Please read these very important things to consider. They relate to safety, money and the rest of your life.

(Otherwise known as the sex chat I should of asked questions)

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