Sex Chat Guru Considerations

Consider these things…

Once you do video sex chat, your image will be out there. Forever. There is nothing you can do about it. Tomorrow, the next day, 10 years from now when you have kids.. people across the world will have pictures and video of you doing naughty things on camera. Just like the photos people post on myspace, there will be other people, companies and internet archives that store your image. Even the affiliate companies have to keep a log of your shows.

Your personal information is important.

When you sign up for anything online, personal information is handed over to people. Consider not just what you do and say on cam, but also information you post on blogs, myspace type sites, and the personal info you need to hand over to webmasters including 2257 info and more, should only be handled (and that info transfered in a way that you understand to others). etc.

Your images and naughty videos are valuable

Most web cam portals that stream your feed and handle the money processing and such have contracts that give those companies rights to all audio and video that you do. This is of serious concern, and the main reason some girls only use services that promise not to resell or reuse their sex chat video. – Even years later. more on this later.

To make even more money doing live video sex chat online, see our post about webcam model lighting tips!

There are some other very important issues to consider as well.. think about it.

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