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If you do not need management and have got all your shit together, and ready to get online and start earning, then a sex chat affiliate portal may be your next step. Most of these sex chat portals have the standard sex chat etiquette apply.

Flirt For Free aka Vs cash / videosecrets

Click here to sign up for the flirt4free affiliate program

Flirt for free has a popular network that puts your cam thumbnail pic and video on many popular sites. This is a well known and popular network. They charge clients on average $5.99 per minute, girls earn an average of $1 – $1.99 per minute of “private time”. There are other ways to make money there including tips (which might be held in reserve for 45 days to head off any credit card fraud), vip areas, and selling of recorded shows. At one time Flirt for free would send you a dvd video recorder to record a high def show if you wanted to sell a quality sex chat vid to earn money even when you are not live online. Not sure if they are still doing that or not. We don’t do as much communication with this crew as we once did.

Amatuer Camz
This place was semi-popular for a while, and a good choice for the semi-independent sex chat model. Not sure if this thing is still running or not, did not see any info using a quick google search, and the info I did find did not go anywhere.

A very very popular sex chat cam portal. Lots of girls and guys from all over the world doing live sex chat on cam. Payouts vary, their selection is huge.
Click here to sign up as a performer with the livejasmin / awe network and make money at home with your webcam having fun doing sex chat.

The live jasmin / AWE network is pretty good. We have had good sales and good rebills with them. I’ve met some of the people that work for awe and have emailed back and forth several times over the years. I respect this crew and they seem to respect the webmasters as well.

Another professional cam service.
Click here for details about the program for webmasters and chat hosts

These guys still send us checks on a regular basis. You might get checks every week. They do not have as many girls on at one time, so the competition for customers is less for cam girls and guys. This limits sales a little bit, but the times I have checked it appeared that the girls who were on were good quality girls.

I prefer a portal with fewer girls of higher quality than say a site that has 3,000 girls online right now and most of them do not speak English or appear to have 1st rate costume, makeup, and set locations. Of course, you may prefer different women than me, and if your website visitors are in different countries, then you may prefer portals that are not my favorite.


Chaturbate is a relatively new affiliate portal. They do things quite a bit differently than most of the cam sites around the web. Many of the girls, guys, and couples are doing free nudity and sex right on the main page and doing so for tips. These are live voyeur shows essentially with tip goals. They do not have as many performers, but the ones they have are obviously pretty entertaining at most times of the day. We promote chaturbate and make some money with them so I can recommend them as a place worth promoting.
Click here to register for the free chaturbate system and you can promote them to earn money too.

Many more details about these affiliate programs (and details about several others that we have worked with and do not any longer) – are posted on the webmasters affiliate info page here.

Independent Management

I am involved in a project that will offer a portal for semi-independent cam girls. It is our goal to have a high definition live cam system where independent sex chat girls can offer their video feed with terms that take care of the girls. Details coming soon, email for updates.

Basically, a system where you can have as much of the business under your direct control as you want, and get help from us for the things you don’t have time to deal with. Some girls want their own website, but don’t want to build it – we can handle that. If you can handle most of your website but just want help with billing and taxes and stuff we can help with that. Contact via email if you are serious about earning more and doing more – but make sure you are in one of the countries that we do business with.

We are a small outfit and only have the resources to work with performers in the countries we are familiar with doing business in.

There are other sex chat portal options as well, we’ll post more info later, or check out the links page for more.

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