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So I was checking out one of my myspace friends who does some reporting on the sex industry and she had a post on her blog about doing the live sex chat cam shows for money. She mentioned most of the basics that we have already gone over here, and some QnA from a friend of hers that does quite a bit of online live cam shows. I checked out the QnA and was led to a cool video about live web cam lighting.

It’s not the most professional video, and it doesn’t go into great details about the technical aspects of a three point lighting setup, but it does demonstrate quickly how having the right three point lighting can make you look much better. After seeing this drag queen showing what it’s like to see him/her with the basic three light setup and the how it looks just using two lights or one light, I think we can all agree that who ever is in front of the camera looks much hotter with the balanced three point light setup.

Check out the video demo embedded above, and let me know if you’ve come up with anything different that seems to work well for you.

You can have the fanciest HD cam running into a specialized high definition video capture card, or a basic $40 webcam, but either one is going to make you look dark and hazy unless you have the right light setup. If you are just starting out and on a budget, I would suggest spending an extra $40 on lighting before spending extra hundreds on fancy cams. Of course having both is great, but having some extra lights with a basic cam can do wonders.

The lighting does not have to be expensive, just make sure it fits in your room without getting in the way and does not create a fire hazard if left on! Clipping some cheap lights from home depot on the window sil or drapery rods is not a good idea, most non-LED lights will get hot after a while!

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  1. how can i start ?
    do i need to pay anything? can i do this everyday all day ?
    and this is not a scam right?

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