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There are many ways to make money with sex chat online. You could have your own web page that promotes sex chat through one of the many adult webmaster sex chat affiliate programs, and earn money when people sign up for paid private sex chat. You can also perform on your web cam and earn money from the tons of people that are online looking for live girls and guys to video chat with. There are other ways to make money from sex chat on the internet, but this page will be focused for the girls and guys who want to get naked online and make money from home.

I have helped people get online and do sex chat in many different ways, the most popular, and easiest option is to sign up as a cam model, or chat host as some places call it, at one of the larger, established, sex chat cam portals. When you sign up as a cam model through one of these portal, like livejasmin, and they process all your information, you will get your own username and password to log into the system. Once you log in, your picture and web cam video feed will show up not just on livejasmin dot com, but also hundreds of other web sites that are promoting the livejamsin network.

Most of the major sex chat portals have similar rules, and you can expect at most places that once you are logged into their system, soon after people will start text chatting with you in the “free preview room”, and you’ll need to convince them to buy private time with you to get paid. Most professional sex chat portals do not allow the performers to get naked or even show their breasts in the free chat areas, which entices customers to buy credits for private shows.

Depending on the system, some places pay out by the minutes a customer spends in your private chat area, so it can become a game to tease and tantalize, trying to keep a customer in the private area longer, of course you’ll need to be careful not to drag out things too long, or they may disconnect and ask for a refund.

When you are performing on with a sex chat network, or chat host portal, pay strict attention to their rules, and be aware of how they can use your images and video and how they can make money off of you. Some sex chat portals have an option for customers to watch in a “voyeur” chat for much less money. So if you are in a private chat getting nude or whatever and charging on customer $5.99 / minute, there could be other customers watching you on video for like $1 per minute. If the portal you are working for has this option, make sure you are getting paid your percentage for it.

Most professional chat portals are splitting the money with girls at somewhere around 20 – 30 percent of what the customer is charged. For example, if you get a customer in a private chat for 5 minutes at $5 per minute then they get billed $25 – which means you get like five to six dollars for that show. I’ve written more about this on the blog post about how sex chat services cut up the money. In short, the money that customers pay for sex chat is split up to pay credit card processing, pay for webmasters who send the customers, pay the performer, pay themselves, pay for bandwidth etc.

Now you can make more than the twenty to thirty percent in several ways. One way to earn more of the money is to have your own web site, or web page that brings the customer to the portal. If you are the webmaster that sends the customer, often you earn 20 to 30 percent also. You can get customers to your web page through social networks like myspace, or adults only space, etc. When you become the webmaster who brings the customer, you get paid a percentage for all the money the customer spends on all the girls at that portal.

You can of course try to run the whole sex chat operation your self, I have seen girls try to use yahoo or msn or pal talk, or stickam, or other services to do paid sex chat, but there are many issues in doing that, First off it is a violation of the terms for yahoo and the like, and you can get your accounts with those services deleted if you are caught doing professional sex chat through them, and then you lost all your contacts you had there. Then you also have to deal with the getting paid part, which is a whole ‘nother can of worms. I’ll write another page about the various ways people have used to charge customers for sex chat doing it independently on their own, stuff like paypal, e-gold and the like. There is a lot to consider in this area, and dealing with credit card companies and such for adult stuff can be a real serious headache. More on that later.

For now, I’m going to wrap this up by reminding you to read the rules and contracts of anything you get into. There are important things to consider. Follow the rules, and you can make some good money, all from the comfort of your own bedroom, without having to leave the house. Definitely read the sex chat considerations that I posted. And when you are ready, I suggest giving the AWE sex chat portal a go, I make the most money with this sex chat program, their live jasmine site is uber popular and is heavily promoted on many web sites around the world, which brings you many potential customers!

To make even more money doing live video sex chat online, see our post about webcam model lighting tips!

Sex chat cam models wanted

Sex chat cam models wanted



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    It’s a great way to make money from home. The easiest way to get started is to sign up at LJ here. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

  • guru says:

    It’s a great way to make money from home. The easiest way to get started is to sign up at LJ here.
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    Attention: has started a policy to ban a customer’s time in free chat or in private chat if they have not purchased any credits within a 45 day period regardless of the tenure of the customer or his past purchasing history. In fact their policy goes as far as to taken unused credits and makes them unavailable to the customer if they have not made another purchase within a 45 day period. The customer will get the credits back but only after buying more credits.

    So, if you have $100 of credits in your account and you have to deploy on a job like I do and cannot use your account for a period longer than 45 days and when you come back home you will find that in order to gain access to your $100 worth of credits you must first purchase at least another $30 in credits. This has resulted in a large number of customers to get fed up with the policies dictated by the management and to leave the site and cause a major loss in livelihood to many of the online models.

    If anyone has an account there or knows of models working there you should consider parting company with and telling your model friends to do the same. If you do decide to leave I urge you to write the admin site concerning your displeasure with the policies recently adopted by these disrespectful business-ignorant persons at NL. That is the only way changes will occur. Thanks for your time.
    Please feel free to share this information and this message with any other site or anyone you please. The statements in this remark can be validated at in their policies page and talking to models.

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