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How to make money, or make more money with live sex chat. This is the area where we break it down. Different ways to earn money with live sex chat.

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Sex Chat Questions and Answers

Why the name ‘guru’
– I’m the guy that a lot of girls go to and spend hours talking about their options for doing paid webcam shows / live sex cam broadcasting. I have helped many women get everything together in order to get a cam feed online and start getting paid. Everything from computer setup, hardware and software configuration, to affiliate cam networks and more.

My real name is Steve, and I started promoting live cam shows online in 2001. I’ve kept up with the changes in the industry, and all things related ever since.

In 2017 I revamped this site a bit, and am about to launch some new networks / portals for professional cam girls and guys to make more even money online.

If you are considering doing live sex chat online then I highly recommend you read the “frequently should have asked sex chat questions“.

What kind of computer hardware, cams, and software is needed?

Sex Chat Software Program

Sex chat software and programs

Sex chat software comes in many flavors… Inside the software area, I will highlight some of the programs that are in use for various sex chat services including text, audio, and video. Everything from free, one to one cam programs to multi-user, multi-cam and more. If you need sex chat software for your website or web network, you’ll find the best programs available today on our sex chat software page.

Sex chat hardware section

Sex chat cameras, computers, webcams, capture cards, I may even highlight special routers and other cool sex chat hardware.

Sex chat important considerations

There are several very important things to consider when doing online sex chat.
Please read these basic 10 things to you need to know and consider”

The sex chat guru blog

The sex chat blog will be the first place I post new information. The blog will be available in chronological order and will have categories as well. In the sex chat guru blog, you will be able to browse by category, like “sex chat cameras” or “sex chat tips”.

Sex chat goes well with sex toys.

I will point out a few to try.